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Bluegrass Capital Group, LLC is independently owned and operated by financial professionals with over 25 years of financial services experience. Our main goal is to understand our clients’ needs and offer the best possible plan for the purchase of their Annuity or Structured Settlement.

We care deeply about our clients and strive to offer the best personalized solution to benefit our clientele and their families.

We believe that structured settlements and annuities were set up to help you – our client. That is why even when you sell structured settlement payments or annuities, our options are designed  keeping the client in mind.  We realize the decision to sell structured settlement or annuity payments can be the result of an unexpected financial hardship. We try to make sure that you get the money you need and that you keep as much of your original structured settlement or annuity payment as possible.

As a structured settlement and annuity buyer, Bluegrass Capital Group, LLC works with you to review your current payment schedule and your financial objectives. We will then devise a tailored plan to meet your specific goals and structure a program that meets your individual needs.